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Ase Incarnation Essence- Face Serum

Ase Incarnation Essence- Face Serum

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Anti-Aging Potion

Conjured Up For Mature Skin Types

This Intensive Potion uses the most potent ingredients of a facial moisturizer.  Its light consistency rapidly absorbs into the skin, leaving no greasy look or feel.

The chosen base oils are highly prized and costly for their amazing benefits and will serve you well in your daily Beauty Rituals.

These oils act as a luxurious potion, leaving your skin feeling very rich, nourished & protected and blessed with a divine scent.

Cucumber Seed Oil is a strong protective barrier for skin. While hydrating the skin it improves firmness and elasticity. Apricot Kernel Oil is a well known anti-ager, it fights fine lines & is easily absorbed into skin never leaving you feeling oily.

2 powerful antioxidant boosters; Vitamin E, slow the aging process of your cells while repairing damaged skin & Pomegranate Seed Oil; a fast deep penetrating oil that's extremely high in antioxidants.

Essential Oils Geranium & Rosemary are the perfect blend for aging skin it’s natural astringent effects tighten the skin, promote cell renewal & proper blood circulation. Frankincense balances the skins PH, reduces large pores, & regulates sebum.

The powerful vitamins can also treat acne, soothe sun damaged skin, calm eczema & psoriasis, detoxify skin pores, lighten age spots, and rid you of dark circles.

Honor yourself, skin, & the body that you have been given in this life by nourishing it with oils rich in anti-oxidants.



How To Use:

Apply to damp skin after cleanser & toner for quick, deep absorption. Apply a few drops of serum with fingertips all over your face & neck then blend lightly.

1 OZ

Authentic Organic Formula