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Aphrodisiac- Body Butter
Aphrodisiac- Body Butter
Aphrodisiac- Body Butter

Aphrodisiac- Body Butter

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Love Drug Body Butter

The power of botanical essences has been captivating the senses of human kind since the dawn of our existence. This Chocolate smelling Goddess Butter shape-shifts dry skin into soft smooth skin with a golden glow.

Cocoa Butter soothes sensitive skin & helps reduce inflammation along with preventing & reducing stretch marks.

Monoi Oil is Coconut Oil infused with Tahitian Gardenia flowers, this oil hydrates and pampers while deeply moisturizing. Gardenias are loaded with antioxidants, & being anti-bacterial it protects skin from the sun and decreases wound healing times.

Adding Sweet Almond Oil; a light oil that's easily absorbed, provides extra soothing benefits & balances the heavier oils out.

Vanilla+Almond extracts are highly rich in Vitamin B & can remove allergens & toxins residing on your skin. The powerful beauty vitamin (Vitamin E), can prevent & reverse skin damage, helping to cleanse skin and slow the aging process of cells.

After just 1 application you’ll notice a more strengthened skin that’s deeply nourished allowing you to feel more comfortable in your skin

Be aware that those near you may come close to smell the intoxicating aroma and catch a glimpse of the Sexy Selkie wearing it; I cannot get enough of this Enchanting Scent and how sexy it makes me feel this blend lingers on the skin for hours and will entice anyone nearby, BEWARE


4 OZ