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Let Your Soul Gloooooow!!-Face Wash

Let Your Soul Gloooooow!!-Face Wash

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Revitalize skin tone & texture with this refreshing blend of organic botanical juices and antioxidants to cleanse and brighten for healthy looking, brilliant skin from head to toe.

Carrot & Orange juice helps rejuvenate skin cells and refresh your skin so your face looks fresh and dewy.This cleanser can remove excess oil from your skin, clear waste that causes breakouts, & help eliminate hormonal acne. It also removes impurities, digs out stale sebum within the pores and disinfects your skin, all while leaving it moisturized. It’s truly amazing!!

Awapuhi & Aloe Vera brings additional softening & moisturizing properties to this gentle, but effective cleanser.

Just a little of this cleanser goes a long way—from a fresh frothy tingle, to a truly clean finish, leaving skin radiant.

Try it out for yourself to witness glowing skin!

Ingredients: Castile Soap/Apricot Kernel Oil/Carrot &Orange Juice/Aloe Vera Gel

Essential Oil Blend+Extract Blend

How To Use:

Cleanse morning and evening by massaging onto damp skin in a circular motion for 30- 60 seconds. Rinse well. Follow with Moon Essence Toner and Elixir of your choice.

4 OZ

Authentic Organic Formula