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Moon Essence - Face Toner

Moon Essence - Face Toner

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With power and raw persuasion banish away beauty woes & unwanted negative energy with this beautifully crafted Black Onyx Infused Face Toner.

My Moon Essence Toner helps retain skin moisture and water in the skin. The has strong antioxidant and astringent properties removes the stuff you don’t want, like excess oil and impurities, and then nourishes the skin with healthy moisturizing properties that prevent the skin from drying out.


Ingredients: Black Onyx Infused Witch Hazel+Aloe Vera Gel+Cucumber Water+ Vegetable Glycerin+Tea Tree & Lemongrass.

A good Spiritual Cleanse can renew us on so many levels; refreshing our Mind, Body and Spirit. Release those unwanted energies that hold us back from being our highest self.

How To Use:

A couple of sprays and massaging of your skin diligently every single day will help reveal hydrated, fair and glowing skin that you have always dreamt of. Follow up with Elixir of your choice.

2 OZ

Authentic Organic Formula